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12 Years A Slave – No “Roots” Showing

 Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Northrup © Fox Searchlight Pictures

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Northrup
© Fox Searchlight Pictures


12 Years A Slave has been in cinémas for a couple of weeks now.

I would do a typical review, but even with my regular research and taking the risk to articulate my opinion, I couldn’t do a better job than Frank Rich did expressing his own in New York magazine.

Chiwetel Ejofor’s performance as Solomon Northrup in this movie is spectacular, so much so that it felt like he was in an entirely different movie than everyone else.  Yes, even those guys.

Consequently, I found myself less than immersed in the movie than I had hoped.  The illumination of tens (yes, tens) of cellphones during the screening didn’t help.

I will though, take a stab at the 19th century-speak that was put to good use in the movie:

It would be of utmost joy to learn that the random pensées that presented themselves to me during the telling of Mr. Northrup’s story were found to be a source of great amusement by my readership.


Those showmen that pitch Solomon look like they want to be Willy Wonka’s wingmen- the real Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder, not Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter imitation.  

Damn!  They got Omar!

I can tell Paul Giamatti is uncomfortable with having to say the n-word; he’s rushing through his scenes.

Paul Dano seems uncomfortable with having to say that word too.  He’s overplaying his bit.

Oh look!  It’s that Sherlock Holmes guy.  He acquits himself well with his Southern Accent, much better than most Brits.

(many gasps throughout at scenes of torture) What kind of weird items are the foley artists using?  

Oh look!  It’s Sal from Mad Men.  He is loving wearing his costume. 

I wonder if the Mormon president will have a revelation that will allow his flock to see this R-rated movie.  An exception was made for Schindler’s List. As in that movie, the nudity in this movie is degrading, not sexual, so that should make it okay, non?

What did Alfre Woodard just say?

I know the dialogue is anachronistic, but why is Brad Pitt the only one who sounds like he’s acting in a high school play?

Good for you Brad Pitt for not being vain and letting the gray hair show in your beard.

If Paula Deen thinks the Antebellum South was so romantic, she needs to spend 12 MONTHS as a slave.  It’d cure her di-uh-bee-tus, and I’m sure Oprah would be waiting for her afterwards.

Ah, Brad Pitt co-produced this movie; that’s why he played the good guy.  He’s got “Tom Hanks” syndrome.


This site was borne of my passion for movies, particularly French films. I have spent time in France and am fluent in the language, hence the “le”. The “snob” part, while of French origin, is not meant to intimidate, but rather an effort to reclaim the word from the pretentious, just as the gay community has done with the word “queer.” We’re all snobs; we all like what we like.

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