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This site was borne of my passion for movies, particularly French films. I have spent time in France and am fluent in the language, hence the “le”. The “snob” part, while of French origin, is not meant to intimidate, but rather an effort to reclaim the word from the pretentious, just as the gay community has done with the word “queer.” We’re all snobs; we all like what we like.

How To Fix The Oscars Ceremony- For Real.

  Seth MacFarlane- le pauvre.  (Of course, he’s not- at all.)  But he bravely stepped up to the plate to take the best job nobody wants:  Oscar host. Despite his bad reviews, I think he did a decent job.  His ideas were original, and the most offensive joke of the night wasn’t even his, it was a tweet from “The Onion”.  Perhaps being reminded of the great comedy ...

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Amour Defies Baseball Metaphors By Winning 5 French Oscars (Césars)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Oh, l’Amour!  Amour, the movie everyone thinks is French but is really Austrian and is about old people dying won an astonishing five César awards (the French Oscars) Saturday in Paris. Its dramatic awards sweep claimed five big categories:  Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay.  By crushing the popular movie Camille Redouble (Camille Rewinds) , awarding Best Foreign Film to Ben ...

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Side Effects: Watch As Directed

    (This paragraph should sound like the last part of a drug commercial where they rush through all the side effects and disclaimers.) If you have been exposed to any press or publicity concerning the movie Side Effects, you may anticipate the following: -the apprehension that this is a movie that will be biased against “Big Pharma” likely to provoke a national examination on our current societal ...

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  This movie’s elegance begins with its title. Amour Sans attribute, definition, nor maxim à la Love Story and its shibboleth “love means never having to say you’re sorry.” (This fallacious, overused, accepted (!) cliché is just one of many things director Arthur Hiller should be sorry for.) Just love. Even those detached from this year’s Oscars have likely heard about this depressing, hard to watch, slow-paced, subtitled ...

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Your Eyes Have Never Been On A Trip Like This!

  Enfin! The Diana Vreeland documentary has touched down in fly-over country opening January 25th at Plaza Frontenac on its “bazaar” path of theatrical release. prélude: There is a delightfully mortifying scene in the 2010 documentary Ultrasuede:  In Search Of Halston wherein the director Whitney Smith is filming an interview with himself and American Vogue’s (literally) editor-at-large, André Leon Talley. During their conversation, the director interrupts Mr. Talley to ask ...

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Another About Face

  HBO is re-running Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ superb documentary!  Don’t miss it! Schedule: Le Movie Snob’s review    

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Rust and Bone: A simply beautiful film that stands on its own (pun totally intended)

    Despite Rust and Bone (De Rouille et d’Os) earning a spot on many critics’ top ten movies of 2012, including Le Movie Snob’s, it was completely snubbed by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Keep in mind that only one film is allowed to be submitted by each country. France chose to submit The Intouchables (Les Intouchables), instead of this movie, which was a ...

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Oscar is in Love with “Amour!!!!!!!!!!”

  It’s that time of year again, when people get all excited about who will win elections in which their vote is meaningless. The nominations for the 85th Academy of Arts and Pictures Sciences (AMPAS ®) were announced this morning. While Le Movie Snob wasn’t totally surprised by most of the nominations, I think it’s too early to begin handicapping. (I would be smart to accept that I’m ...

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Oscar likely to nominate documentary from Israel NOT about the Holocaust!

The status quo at the Academy Awards has for the most part followed this unwritten rule:  if there’s a documentary made about the Holocaust, then it must win the Oscar for Best Documentary.  It’s not about the movie; it’s about the subject.  If the Academy were to not acknowledge the Holocaust, it would be perceived as anti-Semitic, the beginning of forgetting that which must never be forgotten, and ...

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Les Best Movies of 2012

Le Movie’s Snob’s Picky Top Ten Movies of 2012 Enfin, voilà! As promised, on the last day of 2012, I present you with my selection of the year’s best films.  (I will be reviewing Amour and Rust and Bone early next month, and I apologize that I did not review all of the movies in my list.) Hopefully, in the past year, Le Movie Snob has earned your ...

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