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This Damsel Was Distressed

The word “damsel” connotes a helpless woman, she of the archetypical silent movie scene tied to the railroad tracks helplessly overacting her anguish until she rescued by a handsome hero. Intentional or not, this evocation of Golden Hollywood is entirely à propos my strong disappointment with this movie: Hollywood, we are taught by the movies themselves, is the land where dreams are made, and failure just means success ...

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“Elles”- C’est Nous

Le Movie Snob is delighted to recommend the new French movie “Elles,” opening April 27 and starring France’s greatest actress, Juliette Binoche. (désolée Mlle Deneuve)  Those who like movies with that can tell uncomfortable stories that don’t resort to use shock tactics will be grateful for this cinematic experience. Binoche plays Anne, a successful international journalist.  Her life is enviable, accessorized with a loving, successful husband; two healthy ...

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The Conquest….. to stay awake

The rooms and the furniture are beautiful. Voilà.  That’s the nicest thing I can say about “The Conquest (La Conquête)”, but I don’t recommend you endure this movie for the set decoration. This movie, depicting the five-year rise to power of French president Nicolas Sarkozy, is a snoozefest.  I remember hearing buzz leading up to last year’s Cannes film festival that this movie was going to unsettle and ...

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BEST MOVIE OF 2011 per lemoviesnob

If you’ve read my about me page, you might be inclined to argue that my choice for best movie couldn’t possibly be fair.  It’s not.  Snobs are not known for being egalitarian.  But, in my defense: I waited until 2012 to announce it, rather than the majority of critics who had decided before 2011 was officially bracketed. All movies considered were released theatrically in the US, and I ...

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Who Wants to Grow Up Anyway?

  I will soon be posting my pick for best movie of 2011.  Despite this site being new, my not having seen a lot of even-well reviewed movies of 2011, and my snobbish tendency to pre- judge, I am nonetheless trying to even out the playing field by seeing just a few more movies before sealing the envelope. “Young Adult” is the only Christmas season movie that I ...

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Gainsbourg, Vie Héroïque (A Heroic Life)

    This film, not to mention its complex subject, is most likely only on the radar of the most dedicated cinephiles, and surely only francophile cinephiles at that.   While receiving much acclaim in France, winning Césars (the French equivalent of the Oscars) for best first film (that would be an interesting category for the Oscars, non?) for its director Joann Sfar  and best actor for Eric ...

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Cirkus Columbia

For those who look forward to the St. Louis International Film Festival every year for the chance to see films that are unlikely to get mainstream distribution, I recommend attending the remaining screening of the 2010 Bosnian film “Cirkus Columbia.”   While I have seen many documentaries concerning the war that broke up Yugoslavia, including a moving documentary, “Back to Bosnia,” shown at the festival several years ago, ...

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The Artist

If you’ve heard anything about this movie, which won a Palme D’Or at this year’s Cannes film festival for Best Actor, it’s probably the fact that it’s silent.  As in no dialogue.  As in WTF?  This may explain why its screening on a Sunday morning in Cannes failed to fill the house.  Apart from Mel Brooks’ gimmicky “Silent Movie” in 1976 , isn’t there a good reason we ...

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