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Cairo 678 -“678”

   I never thought the notion that women have it good in Saudi Arabia would ever occur to me, let alone write those words in that precise syntax.   Apart from being forced to wear the most extreme covering garment, the niquab, which makes them look like ninjas, women are not allowed to leave their home without an escort.  The escort must be a man (of course): the woman’s ...

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The Deflowering of Eva Van End – “De Ontmaagding van Eva van End”

   A logline is a Hollywood-speak equation used to pitch movies to simple-minded, artistically-disabled studio suits in shorthand so one doesn’t waste their energy and spirit trying to explain what one’s proposed project is really about.  If one wants to get their project considered, one must reduce their artistic vision to a hybrid of two previously made movies; hopefully one can find two (three is pushing it) appropriate ...

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Blue Is The Warmest Color Review – Chapter 1

As is my practice, I have not read any other film critics’ reviews of Blue Is The Warmest Color so as not to be consciously or unconsciously influenced by their opinions.  I would not want to find myself in the kind of situation Robin Thicke is currently in with his song “Blurry Lines,” whose resemblance to Marvin Gaye’s superior “Got To Give It Up” is not as blurry ...

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Populaire: A movie that will never have the chance to live up to its title.

Eh ben oui, Populaire is about to disappear from les cinémas after only a week, but Blue Jasmine, The Butler, (ugh!) Thank You For Sharing are sticking around.  Hopefully Le Movie Snob’s review will prompt you to move this movie to the top of your à voir list, despite other worthy choices like Enough Said. Pardonnez-moi for a moment while I complain as if were an actual French national before I ...

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Salinger:  It Sucks. Big Time.

Salinger: It Sucks. Big Time.

   “The problem with you, Joyce, is that you love the world.  You have spent your life writing meaningless garbage, and now you need to exploit me.” -J.D. Salinger to former lover Joyce Maynard when she visited his home to inform him she was writing a memoir that would include details of their relationship. “The problem with Shane Salerno is that he has spent his career writing high-concept ...

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Thanks For Sharing: No Thanks, I Prefer The Truth

Thanks For Sharing was written and directed by Stuart Blumberg, who wrote the screenplay for  The Kids Are Alright. That movie was very good, even though it was a bit preachy about lesbians being normal people.  Mark Ruffalo had been in Alright, and in this movie is part of a larger A-list ensemble cast; the title alone has a warm feeling, how I could I not have had positive expectations? I forgot that ...

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Austenland: The Girlfriend’s Girlfriend Experience

Austenland Tally Ho!  A hunting we will go!  But for what? © Sony Pictures Classics I went to the Austenland screening thinking I was taking one for the WAMG team.  Should there ever be another documentary about the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic Basketball Team, (I’m not making this up), I would cash in my brownie points, posthaste.  Thanks again, Jim. I don’t remember reading Jane Austen in high school, not ...

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Quelques Petits Morceaux- Some Little Bits

*Please forgive the formatting discrepancies in this post.  Merci beaucoup. JOBS   There are several nice things I can say about this bomb of a movie. They didn’t title it jOBS as originally intended. Ashton Kutcher, can act, act well even. It’s possible his legacy will not be limited to playing doofi (I’m guessing that’s the plural of “doofus”); conferring the word, act, and television show that was Punk’d; becoming ...

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Blue Jasmine: La Chute

  This …is the horror movie of  the summer. Cate Blanchett plays Jasmine, a widow whose husband, Hal (Alec Baldwin), was a white collar conman most critics and audience members erringly, IMHO, posit to be based on Bernie Madoff. Not only is Madoff disturbingly not the only member of the Elite Assholes Club (Jon Corzine, anyone?), he is too meek and indifferent to the consequences of his acts ...

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Hannah Arendt: Wunderbar!

  I’ve never watched a movie twice before reviewing it …until Hannah Arendt. I’ve always believed that one should be able to see a movie without needing to study it or its subject beforehand.  The burden is on the director and those whom he has chosen to realize his vision to impart a complete experience to the audience.  I still maintain this belief. It’s not that my first ...

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