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The Siren of the Tropics and The Other (other) Josephine

      Josephine Baker has been an idol of mine since I was a child.  That she was born on my half-birthday (June 3rd), is from my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, and became a star in France sparked my affinity for her.  Learning the details of her life deepened my admiration. I proudly defended her my junior year of high school when my English class was given ...

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The Day I Saw Your Heart

      The Day I Saw Your Heart (Et Soudain Tout le Monde Me Manque) is a charming little film that has all the right ingredients but lacks that certain je ne sais quoi to make it a great movie. Director Jennifer Devoldère is the French version of American director Nancy Meyers.  They both aspire to make more meaningful than average rom-coms, assemble stellar casts, and it ...

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Paul Williams: Still Alive or How to Convince Your Idol You’re Not a Stalker So You Can Film a Documentary About Them

  If you can instantly recognize and name the man in this photo, we belong to the same tribe. Among his literal myriad accomplishments, his celebrity is a clear demarcation line of a generation gap. For those tenderfeet who humiliate our tribe every year reminding us of our analog youth, allow me to pose these questions: Can you name a current celebrity that has accomplished all of the ...

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Oma & Bella

    In my humble, (sic), snobby opinion, this documentary is a perfect example of the treasures offered by film festivals:  a movie you’ve never heard of, the privilege of witnessing the lives of strangers whose experience will enhance your own. There’s no plot, no agenda, no suspense; it’s just a slice of life that unfolds before you slowly and deliciously, like the way Milky Way candy bar ...

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Guilty: Presumed?

      If your definition of a horror movie involves lots of gore and suspenseful crescendos calculated to thrill through fear, you don’t know real horror. This movie is a true horror story.  True horror.  A true story. Alain Marécaux (Philippe Torrenton, spectacular!) is a loving husband, father to three children, a respected bailiff living a normal, middle-class life in Northern France.  Their life isn’t perfect, but ...

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