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meet Oscar’s French cousin… César!

The César, the Oscar of France

The César, the Oscar of France; courtesy Box Office France

Last night the French Oscars, the Césars, were handed out, and “The Artist” was awarded six, including Best Picture.   Is this a preview of tomorrow night?

I think so, even if Mark Wahlberg has revealed that all my picks will win. (Is he trying to get himself kicked out of the Academy?)  I do think “The Artist” will sweep the Oscars, winning Best Picture, Best Actor for Jean Dujardin; George Clooney already has two, and, Jean Dujardin understands Hollywood realpolitik, unlike Marion Cotillard, and he will be rewarded for not being anti-American.  I think it will also take home the Oscars for Best Director, Best Original Score, Art Direction, Original Score, and Original Screenplay.

The Best Actress Oscar will go to Viola Davis for “The Help,” and the movie’s Jessica Chastain will be awarded Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor will go to Christopher Plummer who is long overdue for Academy recognition.

The excellent Iranian film “A Separation” will receive Best Foreign Language Film and “Paradise Lost 3:  Purgatory” will win Best Documentary Feature so the Academy can pat itself on the back by publicly show support for an injustice righted with the support and initiative of Hollywood itself, notably Academy Award Winner Johnny Depp.

“Puss in Boots” got raves, so I’ll guess that for Best Animated Feature Film, Best Cinematography will go to “Hugo” to balance out “The Artist” getting Best Art Direction, or vice versa.  Best Costume Design almost always goes to a period piece, so most likely “W.E.,” if not “Jane Eyre” because Madonna’s film won’t be able to win for anything else.  I know nothing of the short subject documentaries, so I will pick “The Barber of Birmingham:  Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement” because there isn’t a Holocaust nominee, and racism is the next best subject to take a stand on.

Finishing up, let’s say the Muppets get Best Original Song and “The Descendents” gets Best Adapted Screenplay.

I’m not going to go into the technical categories:  makeup,editing, sound mixing, effects, because I really have no opinion.

Back to the Césars for un moment, Jean Dujardin did not receive the Best Actor Award, he was upset by Omar Sy, star of “Intouchables” the movie that everyone is hoping will garner success in the new “French-friendly” wake of Jean Dujardin.


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