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Salinger – Just as he would have wanted it



When Salinger was released theatrically last year, its trailer boasted it was going to be “The Movie Event Of The Year!”

It turned out to be the movie non-event of the year, despite the unprecedented, valiant, ultimately futile re-editing of the movie by Harvey Weinstein personally -while it was still in theatres.

You may recall from my review that Salerno scored a trifecta payday for his work:  theatrical distribution under the prestigious banner of The Weinstein Company, the $37.50 starter log published by Simon & Schuster, and its broadcast on PBS’ American Masters heralding the series’ 200th episode.

Well, the broadcast is tonight!  Does anyone know?

It is understandable that The Weinstein Company has no interest in promoting the broadcast.  Neither is it the purview of a print publisher.  Surely PBS wants to recoup some of the $2 million it shelled out, yet it’s not the prominent feature on its website today.

This week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah, one will find many, many filmmakers spending money they don’t have to promote their movies.

Yet, Shane Salerno, Salinger‘s auteur– a word I am using most generously, appears unwilling to part with a fraction of the millions he earned from selling this work to promote tonight’s broadcast.  Hmmmm ….



 Called it.



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