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Yves Saint Laurent – Now on Netflix

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent © The Weinstein Company


As I reported last year, two movies of the late designer Yves Saint Laurent were released in France.

The first one to be released, Yves Saint Laurent, appeared without fanfare on Netflix over the weekend.

On reflection, I’m not surprised it was not distributed theatrically nor being publicized now.

It is the inferior of the two, not coincidentally the version made in cooperation with Laurent’s life and business partner, Pierre Bergé.

The superior Saint Laurent , France’s submission for this year’s Best Foreign Film Oscar, will open in cinémas June 12th.  The magnetic Gaspard Ulliel portrays the designer and deservedly won the César (French Oscar) for Best Actor.

I hope that this movie will generate some buzz for Ulliel; he could have an international career à la Juliette Binoche.

Not only is his talent substantial, so are his physical …gifts.  If you blink you won’t miss it, unlike Ben Affleck in Gone Girl.

En attendant, you can see his work in Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement) (2004) and Les égarés (Strayed) (2003).



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